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We wish to introduce our company as a total travel management company dealing with all travel requirements i.e Air reservations, Hotel accommodation, car rentals, visa facilitations, Outbound Tours and its full range of related services. Journey bazaar is a leading travel company, a unit of Onkar travels.

Onkar travels started their operations in India in 1972. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of travel services & there has been no looking back. With a professional approach and reat services we expanded globally.

Our Motto

“Supreme customer service is our pride.”

With our goal to help travellers, both foreign and domestic to explore the unexplored in travel and with the backing of our trustworthy brand and international partners & alliances we give our customers the confidence and the freedom to enjoy their travel with absolutely no worries.

  • Tempting array of world class services for international & domestic travellers.
  • Complete gamut of services from the start till the end of your travel. Our customers only spend time having a good time!
  • World's most enjoyable holidays, to exotic destinations in India and abroad.
  • Honeymoon Packages, Weekend Getaways, Pilgrim packages, Tailor made Packages

The Market Today
There has been a tremendous increase in the number of travelers in the recent years resulting into a dearth of experts to reach out to and fulfill the needs of such travelers. To capture this booming market many travel agencies have cropped up which are in a race to acquire more and more customers turning a blind eye towards customer service. The tourism industry today requires better techniques & great services and a higher customer orientation to satisfy more than ever aware, alert & intelligent customer.

The Team
With our motto of providing supreme customer service, we have built a dedicated team of young, dynamic, friendly and experienced marketing & travel professionals who are fully equipped to deal with a seasoned traveler as well as the ones who are new to the world of travel right from the stage of planning through to the execution and until the end of the travel.

Industry Outlook
The basic business of travel agencies is simple: helping travelers choose flights, accommodations, and rental cars they need for a pleasure or business trip (or a package that combines these elements at a lower total cost), and selling them the tickets and reservations they need.

The industry includes three types of companies,

  • Retail Agencies Most of their business comes from tourist.

  • Business Travel Management companies usually work with corporate customers and they use sophisticated computer programs to provide lowest-cost travel reservations, centralized accounting, and detailed management reporting

  • Tour Operators are intermediaries between travel agencies and the service providers like cruise lines, hotel chains, and airlines. They secure access to blocks of cabins, rooms, and airline seats at discounted prices.

Journey bazaar exists in tourism market as a retail agency, looking after the business travelers as well as tour operators covering all the travel components.

Our Vision
To be among India’s premier travel management companies offering full range of domestic as well as outbound travel services.

Our Mission
We will be the preferred choice for the travellers to fulfil all their travel needs ensuring that we deliver the best service in a friendly & professional manner at all times putting the customer’s requirement at priority.

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